1st group of Iranian tour guides arrive in Caracas: Venezuela minster

Tehran, Karafarinane Eghtesad – Venezuela's Minister of Tourism and Foreign Trade Ali Padron Paredes has declared that the first group of Iranian tour guides has arrived in Caracas in line with improving tourism industry in the Latin American country.

The Venezuelan tourism minister wrote on his Twitter account on Tuesday that the 23 tour guides traveled to the country to take part in a trade seminar with the aim of enhancing Tehran-Caracas relationship in tourism industry.

The minister went on to say that the event is going to be held at Ventor Margarita Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city, on Tuesday.

The tourism seminar is being held simultaneous with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s visit to the Iranian capital Tehran, where the Venezuelan chief executive holds talks with top Iranian authorities.

Maduro has held talks with his Iranian counterpart President Ebrahim Raisi, and both sides have underlined the need for expansion of mutual cooperation in different arenas to enhance strategic interests of both countries.

The Venezuelan president noted that both Caracas and Tehran are determined to set up direct flights in order to develop tourism industry, adding that the flight will kick off its operation from June 18.

Iran’s Ambassador to Caracas Hojjatollah Soltani also announced on Sunday that the direct flight will become operational from next Saturday, saying whenever Iranian tradesman decide to travel to Venezuela, the administration of President Raisi has paved the ground for them to purchase tickets and pay a visit to the Latin American country.

Ramón Velásquez, Deputy Minister of Aquatic and Air Transport Ministry and Chairman of Venezuela's Conviasa Airlines, expressed his country’s readiness to establish direct flights between Caracas and Tehran to boost travels by tourists, merchants and industrialists.

In line with preplanned schedules, Iranian tour guides visit Venezuela to get acquainted with tourism attractions of the Latin American country and negotiate with Venezuelan tourism officials, the deputy minister said.

Pointing to the fact that “Iran is a safe country with great tourism capacity,” Velásquez said that Canviasa Airlines dispatched 43 Venezuelan tour guides to the Islamic Republic in a bid to provide them with the opportunity to become aware of historical, natural and cultural attractions in Iran.

It is worth mentioning that Venezuela and Iran have created direct cargo flights between Caracas and Tehran from 2019.


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